Self-Care Comforts

Self-Care Comforts

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A collection of luxurious products to invoke feelings of peace and comfort.

Feels like: hot tea with honey, relaxing spa days, and cozy minimalist living spaces. 


- Vegan Milk + Honey botanical body lotion. A comforting and romantic scent, subtle hints of vanilla and cream blend into perfect hues of fresh honey. Great as a year round fragrance. Comes in a beautiful glass bottle. 

- Plant Clay Face Mask. This luxurious face mask is made with French green clay and mineral rich decomposed plant matter to nourish and exfoliate skin. It's free of chemicals, dyes, perfumes and preservatives. Comes in a beautiful minimalist package. 

- Hake & Spoon. Add a layer of luxury to their self care routine with this sustainable combo pack of a Bamboo Mixing spoon & super soft Goat Hair Application Brush for clay masks. 

- Honey Cleansing Bar. This all-natural soap bar is creamy and luxurious with comforting and romantic aromas of honey, almond, and vanilla. Beautifully packaged and designed to be gentle enough for any skin type and improve the condition of skin by gently cleansing and moisturizing.

- Luxe Organic Apricot Cleansing Oil. Handcrafted with a base of Organic and Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Seed Oil, this therapeutic cleansing oil contains antioxidants that help repair the skin, prevent fine lines, and combat signs of aging.  

- Coconut + Sage Soy Candle. This clean burning candle transports you to a Hawaiian coast coconut stand with a touch of fresh herb. It’s perfect for anywhere you want to invoke feelings of lightheartedness, adventure and sunshine. 

- Vanilla Infused Honey Pot. Infused with vanilla beans, this honey is light, aromatic, and effortlessly smooth. 

- Organic Rituals Tea. These individual tea bags make for easy brewing and a peaceful home ritual with sweet mantras written on the back of each package. 

- Lavender Shower Steamer. Place in the shower and enjoy the relaxing aromas of lavender essential oils. Can also be used as a foot scrub. 

- Happy Mother's Day Card. Botanical prints painted and designed by designer Isa Salazar. Your personal message handwritten inside. 

- Beautifully packaged in a sustainable and reusable wooden keepsake box.